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Flea Control Program

In order to deal with fleas, we need to kill the adult fleas that are feeding on your pet’s blood. We also need to deal with the immature stages of the flea like the flea eggs and the flea larvae that are in the house and in your yard. During the warm, humid months, this is especially important because this is WAR!!! The products we recommend work well if used properly.

On Your Pet

Have your pet bathed and dipped with insecticides to clear all of the fleas off of the body.

Apply a monthly topical flea control insecticide
(harmless to pets, but deadly to fleas)
Frontline plus or
Revolution (for cats – also kills ear
mites and prevents heartworms in cats)

Use an oral systemic flea killing

medication (recommended).

□  Capstar □ Comfortis

□ Trifexis   □ NEXGARD (30 days)
□ Bravecto (lasts 12 weeks)

(NEXGARD and Bravecto also kill ticks)

Use OVITROL flea spray to kill any
stray fleas that get on your pet – use daily or


In Your House

Vacuum all carpets and furniture. Discard
bag or clean canister.
Siphotrol Plus II House Treatment Kills fleas
immediately. Protects fleas eggs from hatching
for 7 months (30 weeks). Spray all carpets and
furniture. Spray under furniture and beds.

In Your Yard

Siphotrol Yard and Kennel spray. Use in
your yard every 2 weeks (for 3 treatments) or
immediately after cutting the grass. Spray
shaded areas like under bushes and porches,
under the shade trees, and under the dog house.

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